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What does that mean to you? 
In the early days of dreaming of opening up this business I was trying to get really clear on my “why” so that I could in turn effectively communicate that to YOU, my future customers. Then I came across a Facebook post showing a newly postpartum mother glowing in her cozy bed surrounded by her newest snuggly squish and a big plate of healthy fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins. She looked like a goddess. A loved, well cared-for, cherished, goddess. The post read "Moms don't need another baby blanket or onesie or someone to come over and be entertained. They need to be in bed, with baby, and nourishing food. Not worrying about the laundry, making dinner, work, entertaining guests, etc."  At the end of the post there were a couple hashtags, including #motherthemother. 
And I thought YES!! That’s exactly how all new mamas should feel in those early days postpartum!  Yes!  Let's do more mothering of those mothers. Heck, I’d love to see our society valuing the work of mothers all throughout their years, but that’s a post for another day. In the meantime, I think we could all be providing a lot more mothering to mothers in those early, raw, painful, hormonal days. The ones where they need it the absolute most. 
Let’s cherish and celebrate women for creating new life; and if that woman makes the difficult, usually painful, sometimes isolating, decision to breastfeed that new life, let’s continue to lift them up. Let’s help them be as comfortable as possible. Let's make sure their needs are still being met while they focus so hard on meeting the needs of their new tiny human(s). Let's make sure they are well nourished, hydrated, and loved, so they can pass all of that on to the next generation.  And if part of their needs as a woman and individual outside of motherhood is to have a bra that fits properly and that makes them feel supported and happy in their new body and role, let's give them a place to go to get it!  Yes, it's 2019 and online shopping is pretty much the greatest thing ever, but truthfully it's pretty freaking hard to buy a bra online and have it fit properly (although that's not going to prevent me from trying my darndest to get you what you need if you happen to not be local to London). 
What I'm getting at is that I felt really inspired by this post. It really helped me form my vision for my boutique - to be a place for the mother to be mothered. A place of warmth, love, and support, to all mamas. A place to help make their commitment to giving their babies the best nourishment possible a little easier. A little more comfortable. A little more about them, not just the baby. 
If you'd like to help a new mama in your life to celebrate her own rite of passage into motherhood, remember I offer gift certificates. They make the perfect baby shower gift to  make sure mama gets to focus on her wellbeing and comfort in that postpartum period.  My shop carries lots of nursing bra options for moms in all phases - pregnancy, early postpartum period, and after breastfeeding is well established.


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