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When is the best time to buy your first nursing bra? Is early pregnancy too early?

Congrats mama!

You’re probably starting to get a little uncomfortable in your pre-pregnancy bras and clothes.   Maybe you're wondering if it makes any sense to buy a nursing bra right now since you’ll be buying a new bra any way to accommodate your newfound va-va-voom.  But wait, is early pregnancy too early to buy a nursing bra?

My answer is anytime in pregnancy is a great time to venture into the world of comfortable, supportive nursing bras. There are some great nursing bras you can pick up right away. Honestly, I feel that every pregnant woman deserves to be as comfortable as possible while you focus on building the miracle that’s inside you.  Whether you’re 100% set on breastfeeding or not, purely for comfort sake during pregnancy I would recommend you look into a seamless nursing bra early on. 

A seamless bra has both the strength to provide support during this period of growth while having plenty of give and elasticity to accommodate pregnancy, as well as those early days postpartum just after your milk has come in, and you experience engorgement.

In my experience breast tissue growth during pregnancy varies for every woman - some experience a LOT of growth and others don't notice much difference at all.  If you do pick up a seamless bra in your first trimester or early second trimester, it is possible that you may need the next size up by your third trimester to remain as comfortable as possible, but it's also possible that same bra could see you through the whole pregnancy and obviously come in handy for nursing your babe.  

At The London Breastfeeding Boutique I carry five different style options for seamless nursing bras.  They each have a slightly different look and feel, and I described them more in-depth in another blog post – this one.

Alternatively, if you’re hoping to get yourself a nursing bra with either an underwire or moulded cups, or really any bra that comes in an alphanumeric sizing, I recommend you wait until you’re at least 6 weeks postpartum to come see me for a fitting.  Your breasts could experience a lot of change in pregnancy and those first few weeks postpartum, but they will generally settle down into the size they will be for the duration of your nursing journey by 6-8 weeks after baby arrives. Six weeks is also a nice guide to follow if you’re unsure about your nursing journey.  It may be an uphill battle at first, but if you make it to the 6-week mark you’re likely committed to it for however long feels right for both you and baby.

Whenever you choose to come see me, we will take measurements and discuss your needs and desires for your nursing bra.  I will also likely encourage you to try on a couple different options to make you find the best one for you. My wish is to help you find the bra that will help you nurse your baby as comfortably and happily as possible.

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